Discover the Beauty of Bowmanville

Bowmanville landmark

Bowmanville in Clarington is situated just 75 kilometers to the east of Toronto and a short distance away from the newly extended Highway 407. While there used to be a long commute back in the day, the recently finished project has cut this time in half. There was the addition of two interchanges which run north and south, with the one located on the west of Bowmanville. By 2020, the GO Train which currently services Oshawa is going to be extended. This improvement will specifically benefit Durham Region, Bowmanville. With all the developments, it is easy to see why families and individuals are starting to look for potential homes around the area and is the best place to kick start this quest.

A Great Region for Residence

Bowmanville is the biggest town in Clarington’s Durham municipality and this also serves as the home to more than 40,000 residents. The prices for houses around the area are remarkably more reasonable compared to the ones found in Toronto and every new family can expect to have a comfortable experience of buying their first ever house for a fair price.

Often, people who sell and move in from Toronto are able to get more houses for less money than they can ever dream of if they will make a purchase in the city. This financial security and stability, together with the benefits of a quieter lifestyle and bigger house are only some of the exciting reasons why more people are not beginning to contemplate about moving to Bowmanville and searching for houses through

Things to Do in Bowmanville

Bowmanville abounds with attractions, activities, and pastimes to the delight of its residents. You can indulge in a relaxing and serene afternoon at Bowmanville Gold and Country Club located on Middle Road North, where you can enjoy 18 holes on its championship golf course, compete with an entertaining yet challenging front nine and back nine lined by a forest. Bowmanville and its surrounding area boast of several arenas with a championship caliber hockey for girls and boys alike.

Bowmanville is a great community famous for its family-centered activities and festivals. Yearly events such as the Maple Festival, Applefest and Craft Festival, Christmas Moonlight Magic, Summerfest, Ribfest and so much more, provide families with exciting opportunities to celebrate the bounty of Durham Region and a rich amount of local talents. The entire town of Bowmanville shines the brightest on Christmastime as thousands of people from Peterborough and Toronto all flock together to the northern end of the town for the yearly Christmas lights display.

The Canadian Tire Motorsport part, earlier known as Mosport International Raceway is the municipality’s major attraction. This is a multi-track facility found at Bowmanville which features a racetrack of 4 kilometers and kart track of 1.4 kilometers.

Families that want to escape the summer heat can always go to Cedar Park Resort featuring one of the largest swimming pools in the area with a heated waterslide, mini golf, play areas for kids, tennis and more.

If you want to experience all these and more, make sure you check out for the available new homes in the area.



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